A game for GMTKjam 2020. The theme was "Out of Control" so I created this poem about trying to keep control as life goes on. I admit this is more a reading experience than a game but I enjoyed making it and the poem is very personal. 

I had intended to make a game about keeping the character afloat as obstacles went on, however it become clear that I was not going to manage that within the time so I stripped it back to the core. I am very happy that this still reflects the themes and felling I was going for. 

The art assets were made within the 48 hours. The music was a pre-made asset. I'm really happy with how everything looks and sounds I think it works really well with the mood of the piece.

I created all the art assets and wrote the poem myself. 

The music was provided by Ben Nolan who I have worked with a few times before

Install instructions

Download, unzip, open the .exe file


Drowning or Waving- Winx86.zip 27 MB
Drowning or Waving- Linux.zip 32 MB
Drowning or Waving - MacOS.zip 30 MB

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