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Welcome to HAMSTER RUSH.

ARROW KEYS -> and <- or A and D to move. Esc to exit. Shift+F fullscreen.

Known Issues: The hamster is able to walk off the screen. This is unintentional.

This game was made for Mix & Game Jam 2019. Theme:  DIMENSION CHANGE. Take a game mechanic from one dimension and recreate it in another. 

I chose to adapt The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild's STAMINA mechanic. This mechanic allows Link to hold onto surfaces while climbing for a period of time, once the stamina runs out Link is unable to hold on and falls. Adapting this idea I have chose to have a hamster running in a wheel, when the stamina runs out the hamster can't keep up and gets caught up on the spinning wheel.  I wanted to get more done but ran out of time so this is more a 'proof of concept' for the machanic i was adapting rather than a game. Still, enjoy sending that little ham-ham spinning off to oblivion. :) 

Game made by Katie Bennie of Walrusware 

Soundclip by ondrosik from Freesound underCC by 3. The clip was cropped to be only a few seconds long

Install instructions

Just download the zip. Unzip the files into a folder and open the exe. 


HamsterRush2.zip 1 MB

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