Skewered is an entry for the Brackey's Game Jam which I am very happy with. The theme was HOLES so I have designed a game about body piercings.  Most of the goals I wanted to get done are in the game and finished. 

This now Version so it is NOT the very original jam version. See the devlog for details but no major features or mechanics have been implemented. The changes were mostly aesthetic (buttons and characters) , or bug fixes (resolving getting the same client twice and being able to resize the game). This is what I hoped I could produce for the am so please enjoy. 

I will be developing this further into a version 2 with new content but this version will always be here for free as the original jam project. 

I am very happy how this project turned out, I'm sure you will see a devlog up on the website soon (linked below). Please enjoy and please do give some feedback if you can. 

All coding and art assets created by Kitten of Walrusware

Music is Raw by Kevin MacLeod used under a CC by 4 licence

Huge thanks to Benjamin Nolan who gave me some really good advice and instruction about the coding of the game, and who fixed a bunch of the text options for me. 

PlatformsWindows, Linux, HTML5
Made withUnity
Tags2D, Game Jam, Unity


Skewered Win 22 MB
Skewered Linux 27 MB

Development log


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Great concept, I love it